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As the President of OpenRG, we help countries and organizations implement modeling applications using open source tools. Compute Studio has been a key platform for making these tools more easily accessible to our clients, their constituencies, and to the broader public.

Richard Evans, PhD
President, Open Research Group, Inc.


Compute Studio targets the features you need to deploy models to decision makers inside and outside of your organization.

Decision-maker optimized

A visual simulation engine designed for decision making.

Multiple authors

Share the credit when your share your work, with multiple-author collaboration.

Consistent API generation

No matter the language or tools you use, Compute Studio will generate a consistent web API for accessing your model.

Private collaboration

Decision makers and model creators, collaborate privately with your team, colleagues, or clients.

Bring your own tools

Our developer team aims to support the tools that are important to your work.

Free public sharing

Broadcast models around the world, for free, with Compute Studio's publishing platform.